Process only selected rows in scripts and add-ons

Romain Vialard
2 min readMay 23, 2022

It is super easy in Google Sheets to select only specific rows, even if they are not adjacent. Simply hold down the CTRL / command key while making your selections:

Select Non-Adjacent rows in Google Sheets

This can be useful to copy selected rows in another sheet, delete a bunch of rows,…

And those selections are also available in Google Apps Script via the method getActiveRangeList()😍. Thus, add-ons which perform a specific action on each row in a spreadsheet can target only those selected rows.

We have implemented this new feature in Mergo, our mail merge add-on and Publigo, our document merge add-on.

If you selected 1 or more rows, Publigo lets you generate a personalized document for those rows only or all visible rows in your sheet.

Until now, those add-ons would process all visible rows (they correctly detect which rows have been hidden or filtered out 🕵️) while making sure no duplicate email is sent (Mergo) and no duplicate PDF is generated (Publigo).

But often users want to perform a merge on a single or a few records only: to test with different examples / email addresses before going through the full list or because they are always using the same contact list and generate documents as needed:

I have medical consultations with patients and generate a letter for them after each visit. I use several letter templates for each patient over time (first visit, surgery, first follow up, second follow up etc.). The patient details are stored in a spreadsheet. If for example a patient comes for their first follow up visit, I would click on the patient’s details in my spreadsheet, open my “First follow up” template and use Publigo to print a pdf with all the relevant fields populated automatically.

This is now super easy with Mergo & Publigo. 👍

For Google Apps Script developers, here is a quick snippet showing how to process only selected rows.



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