I created several visualizations for Google Data Studio, to easily display your data exactly as you want, through HTML templates.

➡️ See live example ⬅️

Until now, for security reasons, it was not possible to display images inside this type of visualization, as documented by Google:

Indeed, if Google allows external developers to create new visualizations for everyone to use inside Data Studio, they don’t want to put your data at risk 😬 and thus block all data exchange between those visualizations and the external world 😭.

Images stored in Google Drive are now allowed 🎉

As a developer of a community visualization or as an end user of an existing visualization allowing images…

A week ago Google announced the availability of an improved code editor for Google Apps Script. (note: this new editor isn’t yet available to all — it should be by the end of the year🤞). In this article, I’ll focus on the changes related to Versions and Deployments in Apps Script.

Depending on your needs, you can deploy your Apps Script code in many ways:

The new IDE makes deploying your code one of the primary actions, with the blue “Deploy” button quite visible in…

Use Google Apps Script and the Google Slides API to create a card game like Dobble.

What am I talking about?

Dobble (Spot It! in the US)

A speedy observation card game. During the game, players have to spot the identical symbol between two cards as quickly as possible.
=> learn more on Wikipedia

Upload a few images to Google Drive, press the trigger to start a little Apps Script code and you will get your own Dobble game on Google Slides.

Having been stuck at home for a few weeks now, we bought several board games to entertain our children, including 2 Dobble card decks for 4+ years old children (6 images per card instead of the classic 8).

This tutorial will guide you into creating your own Dobble card deck with Google Slides, which you can easily print for use in your day to day life.

Google Apps Script is soon approaching its 10 year anniversary 🎉 and
Bruce Mcpherson has written an interesting article about its evolution: 2019 — a decade in Apps Script, concluding that it has become more and more complex to release and maintain add-ons.

The potential for an Apps Script ‘wild west’ has given rise to a more sandboxed, user orientated environment again […] to the extent that many of those that have produced free add-ons in the past have either withdrawn them or have stopped developing new ones.

Thus I thought it would be interesting to:

  • list the main changes…

I attended Google Next last week, filled with many announcements on GCP and G Suite. You can read this post from the G Suite Updates blog for a list of the main announcements related to G Suite.

I will focus on announcements linked to Google Drive, introduced during 3 different sessions at Next, all of them available on YouTube:

This is the third post of a serie (first one is here, second here) going into some technical details about a migration project for G+ communities — if you want to retrieve G+ data, take a look at this tutorial.

Since I started the project to export G+ content to Firebase, several people asked for a way to search those exports (eg: display all posts containing the word “awesome”), which absolutely make sense but is in fact quite tricky with the databases provided by Firebase…

Searching all posts containing the word “gmail”

Firebase databases and full-text search

Firebase offers 2 not-so-different databases: The Realtime Database and Cloud Firestore:

  • The Realtime Database is…

This is the second post of a serie (first one is here)going into some technical details about a migration project for G+ communities — if you want to retrieve G+ data, take a look at this tutorial.

In my first post on this subject, I explained how we could use Google Apps Script to retrieve Google+ data before saving them in a Firebase database and display them using Firebase Hosting.

But most Google+ users who wish to export their data are not developers and will need to go through some technical steps:

  • Create a Firebase project
  • Use Apps Script to…

This is the first post of a serie going into some technical details about a migration project for G+ communities — if you want to retrieve G+ data, take a look at this tutorial.

Google+ will be shutdown for consumers in April 2019. It won’t impact that many people but G+ was (still is…) the main place to discuss some topics, like Google Apps Script. Over the years, some G+ communities accumulated a lot of valuable knowledge which might totally disappear with the shutdown. Google usually provides ways to retrieve content when it is shutting down a product, via the…

Awesome Table has recently joined the very exclusive club of apps that have reached the 10M user milestone on the G Suite Marketplace, like Lucidchart. Perfect time to give a bit more visibility on this number of users and follow-up on my article Add-ons and the Google Apps Marketplace from 2016.

In the G Suite Marketplace, apps can be installed either by admins of G Suite domains or by individual users. When installed by an admin, Google takes the number of G Suite accounts on that domain and add it to your total number of users.

So, to reach 10M…

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